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James Garner, star of 'Maverick' and 'The Rockford Files,' dies at 86 - LA Times



I remember the first time I saw James Garner in action. In 1994, his first Rockford Files reunion movie, I Still Love L.A., premiered on CBS and I stayed up late on a Sunday night to watch the whole thing. What got my ten year old butt in front of the TV was my dad’s excitement about the movie. He loved Rockford, and for me (then and now) my dad’s enjoyment of music, a movie, or a TV series is a pretty good indicator that I’ll love it too. Most everything about it flew over my head, except for the innate likability of Jim Rockford. He was funny, he was smooth, and he was tough. And James Garner carried all of the action with a “gosh, can you believe all of this crazy stuff?” vibe that I came to appreciate so much more when I finally discovered the TV series.

No matter what he did, he made it look easy and he brought his best to the material. Most 70s detective shows are tough to sit through today, but Rockford remains one that you can binge on Netflix as effortlessly as House of Cards or any other modern-day offering. Sure, the writing is there, but you put anyone else but James Garner in that sport coat and Firebird and it becomes a TV time capsule, not good for much else. Few detective shows before or since have touched it, and his performance puts Rockford right up there with the greatest fictional private eyes.

If you can, fire up some Rockford Files in his honor today. Rest in peace, Mr. Garner. You will be missed.


Aw - sad news. 

But I agree that the The Rockford Files is a show that holds up. The first thing I watched after getting a Hulu account was The Rockford Files. Just hearing that theme song puts me in a warm, plaid, wood-paneled, 70s, it-was-a-simpler-time mood.



Goldfish Paintings by Riusuke Fukahori

Though he had been creating them for years, Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori busted out into the online art scene only last year with his three-dimensional goldfish paintings created by pouring resin.
this will blow my mind forever

I’ve seen this several times but I don’t think I’ll quite believe it unless I can see it in person.

This company is at the end of it’s reign. Stores don’t run smoothly anymore because any of the talent they had is long gone due to termination or quitting. All they’re left with now is a newer generation of people who simply don’t care about anything. The bar is dropping at an alarming speed and I can’t wait to see what happens when it hits the ground.

I hope I live to dance on Walmart’s grave.

"The Truth of the Matter Is Walmart Is a Horrible Place to Work" (h/t AZspot)

Thank Deity we will soon have brave corporations hunkering over the ledges of the Grand Canyon offering Doritos Locos Gondola rides and Six Flags Avatar 2 Plunge Coasters that’ll take each and every gasping, lurching, slug of a tourist down to the bottom where they can leave their Snickers wrappers behind to choke some rare desert tortoise.

Rom Romberts, commenting on the controversial plans to fuck up the Grand Canyon with further commercial development, at iO9:

Each Year, 250 Hikers Have To Be Rescued From the Grand Canyon. Why?

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